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Vision: The activities and programs of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce are envisioned, designed and executed around a single, simple and direct vision: Building a vibrant and prosperous community through business leadership.

Mission: All strong organizations are defined by their mission statements. In the case of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, the mission is clear: The Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization dedicated to serving Scottsdale, regional businesses and community prosperity through advocacy, access to leaders, economic development, connectivity and business education.

The City of Scottsdale’s Economic Development team has worked to unite education, workforce and economic development to support our Scottsdale businesses.  This effort has helped to accelerate employment growth and provides Scottsdale companies with high-impact and high-multiplier occupations which builds strong companies and proven sustainable economic foundations.

The Scottsdale Unified School District has 31 schools serving about 25,668 students. More than 3,862 persons are employed by the district, including about 1,551 teachers. The district celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1996. Its boundaries include most, but not all, of the city of Scottsdale, almost all of the town of Paradise Valley, a section of the city of Phoenix and a section of the city of Tempe. 

Scottsdale Community College offers a great college experience for students of all ages and aspirations. With hundreds of courses and programs, we can help guide you onto a professional path, provide new career options and expand your knowledge of the world and beyond. Whether you are seeking an associate's degree, university transfer credits, professional certification, or lifelong learning opportunities, SCC is here to help you reach your goals.

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Many strong Scottsdale organizations support Business United for Scottsdale Schools.

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Formed in 1961, The Scottsdale Charros are an all-volunteer, nonprofit group of business and civic leaders that help build our community by supporting youth sports, education and charitable causes. From the very beginning, the Charros—by their very name—meaning gentlemen riders, embodies the Scottsdale’s 1947 slogan, “The West’s Most Western Town".